Look up the ins-and-outs of XRP Ledger APIs, including sample requests and responses.

rippled API Reference

Use the rippled API to communicate with a rippled server, the core peer-to-peer server that manages the XRP Ledger.

Ledger Data Formats

Learn about individual data objects that comprise the XRP Ledger's shared state.

Transaction Formats

Transactions are the only way to modify the XRP Ledger. Get details about their required format.

rippled Commandline Usage Reference

Peer Crawler

Special API method for sharing network topology and status metrics.

Other XRP Ledger Interfaces

Here are a few other ways to interact with the XRP Ledger.

Official client library to the XRP Ledger. Available for JavaScript only.

Access more XRP Ledger data, including transaction history and analytics.

Provide machine-readable information about yourself to other XRP Ledger users.