Contribute Code to rippled

Want to contribute code or a bug report to help improve rippled, the core peer-to-peer server that manages the XRP Ledger? Here’s a roadmap to the high-level tasks that’ll have you reviewing code and functionality in no time.


Access the rippled repo

rippled is an open-source project. You can take a look at rippled code simply by accessing the rippled GitHub repo. Before contributing or reporting bugs, we recommend that you get to know the code and developer experience by performing the following tasks.


Set up and run a rippled server

Set up and run a rippled server to understand the developer experience and functionality of the core peer-to-peer server that manages the XRP Ledger. Anyone can run their own rippled server that follows the network and keeps a complete copy of the XRP Ledger.


Try out XRP Ledger integration tools

Take a look at the various tools provided to help developers integrate with the XRP Ledger. From WebSocket and JSON-RPC API endpoints to the ripple-lib JavaScript library, take a look at the modes of integration offered to the developer community.


Get a sandbox XRP Ledger account

Use the XRP Ledger Test Net to get a sandbox account. Connect your rippled server to the Test Net to make test calls and get to know the XRP Ledger.


Set up your development environment

A rippled development environment has a C++ compiler, access to the necessary libraries to compile rippled (such as Boost), and an editor for making changes to the source files. See the rippled repository for the latest recommendations of each. You should also create your own fork of the rippled repository on GitHub so you can contribute pull requests to the official repo.


Familiarize yourself with rippled's coding style

Before you start contributing code to rippled, take some time to familiarize yourself with the coding standards used in the rippled repo. These standards gradually evolve and propagate through code reviews. Some aspects are enforced more strictly than others.


Contribute code

Now that you have a handle on rippled, you may have ideas for how to improve it. Perhaps you’re developing on the XRP Ledger and want to contribute some code that enables the XRP Ledger to provide a feature your application needs. Access the rippled repo and open an issue or pull request.


Report bugs

As you explore rippled, you may find code that you don’t think is working as intended. To report a bug, open an issue in the rippled repo.

If the bug you wish to report is security-related, we urge you to disclose it responsibly through Ripple's Bug Bounty program .